Unity of Humanity

Unity of Humanity

If you studide history you will notice that the hisory of huminity you will find there is instict in human nature lead them to know eatch others and be open to others and the feeling of isolation is not common between them and refused from most people in this earth.the racist feelings and the extremist national feelings and the extremist religon feelings are not welcom from most people in this earth.when we see the countries whos are isolated from the streming of world movment we find them weak and there people are feeling bad and not happy becouse they want to comunicate to the rest of the world and theire ability of creativity become less than others becouse there is nothing new to learn from. look to the U S A America becouse its open country and is welcoming with all defrencess and all races and all cultures and all religons you find this country is strong and healthy and creative full of life .again we the humans are united in a way or another and like to find always somthing in common between us why the majority of us love the princples of freedom and liberty and equility thats why many of us love world cup for football and olympiad becouse people from all world want to connect to eatch others to find something in common something unites the world and peoples and humans thats why many people were fans of musical team of beatles people from United kindom with others from Korea with others from Japan with others from Egypt And from India thats why there are millions of fans of diana and the other celebrities .thats why many countries like to be in the United Nations even Uinted States Of America rearly makes its wars alone she looks for alliances.thats why many of us try to get work or goal in life we beleive that it could effect in others lifes even the fans of UFO from 20th century unitle now many of them do that just becouse they want feel that one thing unites the people from many diffrent countries.
In religon we find that humans are one family from one father and one mother and in sience it said that humans has one root and humans DNA said clearly that we humans are one family .so racists and extremist nationals who refused others and religon extremists are wrong and there bad feelings and thoughts and ideas are not welcom from the majority in this world .most peoples in this world love peace and helping eatch others and comunicating with the rest of the world in a positive way and finaly we all live in one big house called Earth and unitl now we cant find another planets close to us to move to and we dont have means of fast cheap transports to them so we will stay in this planet for along time so we have to find away to live in it peacfully and in a healthy way and except eatch others thanks for reading my article.


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